For design enthusiasts and professionals alike, interior design books are not just informative resources; they are invaluable sources of creativity, brimming with interior design ideas and techniques to ignite the imagination. If you're looking to refresh your space or seeking interior design inspiration, here are six of my favourite interior design books. Plus, they make for stylish additions to your coffee table!

Axel Vervoordt – Wabi Inspirations


Known for his philosophical approach to interior design, Axel Vervoordt invites you into his world of profound simplicity and serene beauty. This interior design book is not only a collection of beautiful images, enough to spark your imagination on their own, but it’s a journey through the lens of Vervoordt’s appreciation for Wabi philosophy. Based on this ancient Japanese concept, you will start to see beauty in imperfection and feel drawn to natural materials and fabrics that stand the test of time.

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AD at 100 A Century of Style


If you’re searching for some home renovation inspiration, pick up a copy of this classic yet contemporary interior design book. Showcasing how design has evolved over the years, it honours global icons such as Barack and Michelle Obama, David Bowie and Truman Capote. Explore the private spaces of such public figures whilst taking mental notes for your upcoming interior design projects.

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Amber Lewis – Made For Living


Acclaimed designer Amber Lewis has a laid-back California interior design style that is obvious in this book. Designing spaces that are not only stylish but inviting, Made For Living shares interior design secrets to give soul and character to simple and minimalist rooms. If you prefer chic yet practical when it comes to redesigning a room, then this is the book for you!

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Jake Arnold – Redefining Comfort

Not merely a portfolio of Jake’s finest works, but a manifesto of the luxury evolution within modern homes. A young British interior designer, Jake climbed the ranks quickly and now joins the AD100 list. With a star-studded client list, Jake focuses on creating warm, luxurious spaces, or as he calls it, warm minimalism. Arnold has the unique ability to create environments that are comforting, stylish and classic, and his work can be enjoyed in this fabulous interior design book.

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Rose Uniacke – At Work


Unfolding elegance, Rose Uniacke’s interior design book reflects her unprecedented level of craftsmanship in everything she does. Known for clean lines, calm atmospheres and rare sanctuaries, Rose shows off her urban townhouse transformations alongside seaside escapes. Focusing on sparking joy in the places we call home, this interior design book is ideal for anyone considering a redesign or home makeover. It will help guide you towards modern elegance and a seamless interior design aesthetic throughout the home.

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Eat Drink Nap – Soho House


Last but not least, we come to Eat Drink Nap. With a wealth of interior design and lifestyle wisdom within the pages of this book, get ready for over 25 years of inspiration and ideas. Over 300 pages, this book offers classic style with signature looks that effortlessly incorporate vintage pieces. A perfect book to pick up and flick through when you’re experiencing a lack of inspiration.

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Whether you're a professional designer looking for fresh ideas or a homeowner embarking on a renovation project, these books are sure to provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Armed with these interior design books, you're now equipped to delve into a world of creativity and practicality, blending the insights from top designers with your personal aesthetic. Let these curated selections be the inspiration you need to start your design journey.


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