Kicking off a new interior design project can certainly be a thrilling experience. Transforming your home can unlock space-saving ideas, add value to your property and enhance the atmosphere of a room. But timing is key when carrying out a home renovation.

Whether you’re looking to refresh and restyle a couple of rooms within your home or embark upon a significant home renovation, planning and keeping to a schedule will prevent any unwanted delays and challenges. 

So, let’s talk about when is the best time to plan an interior design project and what you need to consider before you take action.

Best time to plan an interior design project


While many people consider summer a prime time to refresh their homes, it’s actually best to wait until winter and early spring to start a new interior design project. Why this time of year? Well, it’s usually considered a slower season for contractors, which means you can secure a better deal. Plus, contractors will have likely taken a holiday during the summer, meaning teams will be fully staffed.

When To Speak To An Interior Designer

Rather than wait until you have secured planning permission for a home renovation project, contact an interior designer ahead of time. The reason being once planning permission is granted, your interior designer will have no room to recommend a new layout or suggest improvements that could enhance the look and feel of a new space.

From window panes and cosy fireplaces to space-saving layouts and unique materials used for construction, interior design holds a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into before planning permission is requested to optimise your interior design project. They can also help you to accurately budget and consider new design ideas to cut costs and save precious time if contacted at the right time. I have shared more tips on what to consider before hiring an interior designer in my previous blog post "5 things to consider before hiring an interior designer".

Planning Beats Impulse

Spontaneity may have its charms, but when revamping your home, timing is not something to take lightly. Never act on impulse, high emotions or random interior design trends. Doing so could mean spending a lot of money only to consider changing the design again within a couple of years. By giving yourself time to plan, reconsider and reflect, an interior design project can be an enjoyable process rather than a stressful experience.

Factoring In Home Renovation Lead Times

Depending on the size and scale of your interior design project, you should also give yourself enough time to source materials and have them delivered. In some cases, a particular design element, piece of furniture, fabric or wallpaper can completely transform the home renovation result. But, without enough time, you might feel pressured to cut corners and use inferior products that don’t quite bring your vision to life. So, always make sure to factor in lead times for contractors and sourcing materials.

By planning your project for the late winter or early spring, you're setting the stage for a smoother, more efficient, and possibly more economical renovation. At ACA Interiors, we can provide advice, assistance, and support when it comes to planning a home renovation and interior design project.

Book your complimentary consultation with Ana,  if you’re thinking of transforming a space and breathing new life into your home. We will endeavour to exceed your interior design expectations and provide you with a visually stunning new place to enjoy for years to come.